Race 2 Bangkok

Hands Race- Top 5 Player win Packaged trips to Bangkok

Dates of Race: 29th Jan to 18th Feb 2018

5 packages worth 30k each to be won includes:
1) Return flight tickets to Bangkok
2) 3N4D Luxury stay with Breakfasts
3) Daily tours to amazing touristic destinations

How to Win?

Play maximum number of post flop hands on 10-20 or 25-50 on both No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha. 


Terms and Conditions
1. No deposit needed to enter the race. All post flop hands on 10-20/25-50 stakes of NLH and PLO table will be counted.
2. Period of challenge: 29th Jan to 18th Feb 2018
3. Top 5 players in the leaderboard will win Bangkok Package trip worth INR 30,000 each
4. The top 5 finishers of the Race to Bangkok need to provide images, audio, interviews etc as required by our media partners.
5. If the winning player decides not to travel, he can claim the prize money after applicable TDS