Bonus Policy

 We will be giving out bonuses from time to time for promotional purposes. The bonus can only be used to play in games. You are not entitled to and agree not to, withdraw such amounts without first complying with the additional terms and conditions set forth in each bonus offering, and if none, then the terms and conditions set forth on the Standard Promotional Offer Terms and Conditions are by way of reference specifically incorporated herein. Further, the Company reserves the right to reclaim any bonus amounts (i.e. bonus money and/or locked bonus) if you do not use them within the period of time specified.

Bonus cannot transferred/used in the form of Inter Account Transfers / Player to Player Transfers / GIFTS / etc.

The Management reserves the right to end any promotional offer at any time, without providing notice, reason or justification. It also reserves the right to deny a bonus, or a series of bonuses, or a bonus program, to any Player or any group of Players, at any time, without providing notice, reason or justification. Furthermore, a player can withdraw only what he/she has won in addition to his/her bonus. The bonus must generate required revenue before it can be withdrawn from the players account.

Promotional OR Bonus money is subject to certain restrictions and will not be immediately available for withdrawal until the terms and conditions of the promotional money are fully met. Bonuses are set to one per : person, family, household, geographic address, mailing address, email address, credit card number, bank account and shared computer environment (unless otherwise decided by the management). This limitation applies across all affiliations, subsidiaries and partnerships of the company. If an affiliated gaming site is running the same promotion, an individual person cannot receive the same promotion from both sites. In cash bonus promotions the amount paid, as well as the subsequently credited bonus, is to be placed or played on one or more bets or games within two months at least once or several times, before a payout can be transacted (Marketing promotion may require an Account Holder to play with his/her bonus money for a certain number of times before such Account Holder becomes eligible to withdraw any winnings that are won as a result of using free money or bonus.). Management reserves the right to selectively offer promotions, bonuses and special invitations to a subset of players. Management is not obligated to disclose the criteria by which players are selected for such offers, nor extend the offer to any player outside the chosen subset.

Please refer to the ‘Bonus Codes’ page under ‘Promotions’ to find out which codes are running.

Additional Terms and Conditions may exist for specific bonuses. These will be displayed on the website, the publication where the bonus was advertised, and is/are available on It is the player's responsibility to familiarize themselves with any additional Terms and Conditions for individual promotions.