Hand Based cash awards for Cash Games
300K to be won by the players playing most hands on cash tables in 5 weeks. 3 cycles of 11 days each!
3 Categories, 21 winners!

What is Cash Splash?

Cash Splash rewards the players playing cash games where players playing highest number of post flop hands get rewarded with cash prizes!

There are 3 categories: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Top 7 in each category win cash! Player can win across all categories.

How much is to be won?


100K for grabs every cycle. Each cycle is of 11 days! Win across all 3 leaderboards.

When does Cash Splash begin?

Cycle 1 : 1st March to 11th March 2018
Cycle 2 : 12th March to 23rd March 2018
Cycle 3 : 24th March to 7th April 2018


Terms & Condition

1. Winnings will be paid automatically in cash chips at the end of cycle
2. Only post flop hands will be counted
3. Any unfair means will result in player account being blocked and funds getting seized
4. Heads Up tables are not part of the promotion
5. The leaderboard of each category will be reset after completion of every phase.
6. Both PLO and NLH hands will be counted
7. Player can win across all 3 leaderboards (Gold, Silver and Bronze)